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GLOMAKE Team has received best supporting (Client) award from Smt. Ranjanben Bhatt (Member of Parliament) And Shari Nilesh Rathod (Mayor-Vadodara)

GLOMAKE is a rising star to the industry of photoluminescent signage who is both inventive and trustworthy. We supply photoluminescent emergency EXIT/FIRE Signage in Public Buildings, Commercials, Corporate Houses, Hospitals, Factories, Auditoriums, Theatres, Hotels, Subway, Restaurants, Schools, Aicrafts, Hostels, Warehouses, Power Plants, Amusement Parks, and other locations. 

When emergency situations arise as a result of unexpected power outages or accidents, producing bewilderment and panic, As a result, escape routes are no longer visible, making evacuation impossible.

Fire extinguishers, fuse boxes, valves, and other vital fire protection equipment cannot be located. As a result of this condition, the danger of disaster increases dramatically. When there is darkness due to a power outage, all of the signage is composed of photoluminescent material, which produces a clear and visible glow.

Photoluminescent materials emit light without the use of electricity. This substance is safe for the environment and does not emit any heat, flame, electric shock, or pollution. When exposed to light, either natural or manufactured, Photoluminescent light is produced, which emits a luminous glow from a non-toxic chemical.

It has a long lifespan because it does not require any internal or exterior wiring or electricity. It is non-radioactive, water-proof, vapor-proof, explosion-proof, corrosion-proof, mold-proof, and fire-resistant.



Amazing and high-quality experience in the field of photoluminescent safety signs.

Have solid relationships with a variety of factories, which makes it easier to turn your concept into your own new products.

We are committed to challenge the status quo in order to win as a team.

Why Choose Us

During manufacture, precise quality control is carried out.
There is a large selection of products to choose from.
We’ve expanded to six nations and established a solid name and confidence from clients all around the world.

How We Care Our Customers

Each shipment is subjected to quality control.
Customers’ design and patent product secrets should be kept private.
Assist distributors in growing their businesses and expanding their operations.

Commitment from Team GLOMAKE !

We as a Team GLOMAKE are committed towards the best in class services to our clients and help them adopting new edge technology in very cost effective manner. our philosophy of keeping relationship with clients on top of every thing is encouraging us to provide best services to our clients .we as a team are upgrading our skills and knowledge to provide world class solutions.

Sandeep Yadav

Founder -GLOMAKE