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GLOMAKE Photoluminescent Signages products work by absorbing ambient light (photons) and storing it like a battery. When lighting is removed, these products project light (release photons) immediately, producing a sustained glow that can last for more than 8 to 10hours.

All GLOMAKE Photoluminescent Signages products are non-toxic, non-radioactive and contain no phosphorus or lead, or any other hazardous element or chemical.

The “Life”of the photoluminescent rigid sheet (indoors) is 20 to 30 years, while that of the photoluminescent aluminum sheet (outdoors) is 5 to 7 years. The Warranty period is 1 year.



Yes, we do provide persons for installation, and we can also assist and guide you or the contractor regarding the installation.

Photoluminescent safety signages that have a resin covering with photoluminescent substances in its composition.

The photoluminescent signage has the purpose of effectively transmitting the message for which it was manufactured, i.e. to show alarm equipment, fire equipment, security equipment, etc.). It also shows escape routes (exits, doors, etc.), the dangers, the obligations or the prohibitions, guaranteeing total understanding, even in blackout situations.

The adaptation of GLOMAKE products to the market’s needs and to the national and international normative requirements is assured by a process of continuous investment, in innovation and development of new products and new technological solutions.

An exit Route is the route of travel within the premises that occupants are most familiar with. It is also normally route that is used to enter and leave the building. A Fire exit is an alternative route of travel, and one that is provided specifically for use in an emergency situation.

International standards recommend that, for a means of escape route signing system to be effective, it is important that from any place within the building, occupants should have sight of a sign, or a series of sign, which lead them to a place of safety. If there is a choice of escape routes, the escape route signing system should indicate the shortest level of distance. If at any place there is a choice of two escape routes of equal travel distance. Both routes should be indicated by separate series of signs.

Because we have been in this area for years, with years of experience and good quality control, we really like to listen to what our customer really need and keep doing technical and research to make our product different from others.